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About me:

I'm a designer. I believe that design is a universal way of thinking and applying empathy to pragmatic problem solving with principles of design.


Throughout my life, I've been able to utilize 

my tools and skills to help me help people.


I think systematically, analytically, visually, and non linearly which enables me to break down patterns, come up with creative solutions, and communicate my ideas visually. Formal education, working with experienced teams, and years of collaborative problem solving have lead me to where I am today. These skills have enabled me to cover many design related roles officially or otherwise:

Design Leadership & Strategy | Design Management | UX Design | UX  Research | UX Mentor | Product Design | UI Design | Interaction Design | Visual Design | Service Design | Industrial Design | Graphic Design | Illustration | Product Management | Art/Creative Direction | Research | Interior Design |  Information Architecture | Program Management | Design Sprint Master & Design Thinking Facilitating